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Daylight Coaching

With a passion for mental and physical health, it is Dayenne’s mission to help people make the most of themselves. She believes that everyone deserves a chance at cultivating a meaningful and happy life. In her work as a psychologist, coach, and sports instructor she especially enjoys working with students. In her words: “The coaching space is one free of judgment. Basically, if you feel like there is an area in your life that could be a little better, more relaxed, or more balanced, then coaching can help you out”. She has coached students on topics related to work-life balance, worrying about the future, perfectionism, fear of failure, planning and creating a schedule, setting boundaries, and dealing with distractions. 
For members of Rotaract Groningen International, the first session is free. 
To read more about Coaching with Dayenne, visit the Daylight website [].

You can also reach out through:

email (

phone (+31619371708)


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