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Daylight Coaching

With a passion for mental and physical health, it is Dayenne’s mission to help people make the most of themselves. She believes that everyone deserves a chance at cultivating a meaningful, happy life, whatever that means to you specifically. She works as a psychologist and coach and especially enjoys working with students. “The coaching space is one free of judgement. Basically, if you feel like there is an area in your life that could be a little better, more relaxed, or more balanced, then coaching can help you out”. She particularly enjoys working with students and has helped students deal with topics like work-life balance, worrying about the future, perfectionism, fear of failure, planning and creating a schedule, setting boundaries, and dealing distraction.


For members of Rotaract Club of Groningen International, the first session is free.


To read more about Dayenne’s work, visit her website or reach out through email (daylightcoaching@outlook.com) or phone (+31 6 16450930).

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